Professor Faryar Jabbari

April 30, 2018

Actuator Saturation: Old Problem, New Tricks, Along with Some Unusual Applications



Actuator limitation is one of the oldest areas in control and a large number of techniques and approaches exist that are aimed at addressing the resulting performance and stability degradations. For applications in which saturation is encountered infrequently, an effective and popular technique has been to augment a high performance controller with an anti-windup loop that becomes active only when actuators saturate and is deactivated once the input command is below the limits. In this talk several extensions and enhancements of the basic anti-windup approach is motivated and presented, including delayed anti-windup, multi-stage anti-windup, and a new model for rate-bound anti-windup. Several applications, some usual and some relatively unusual will be presented.


Faryar Jabbari is with the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department of the Irvine campus of the University of California (UCI). His areas of interest include actuator limitations, anti-windup and scheduling techniques, semi-active devices, and applications to civil engineering and energy systems.