LDCNS research featured on nanotechweb.org

March 2008

Our recent collaborative research with University of Washington, Seattle has been featured as a news item on http://nanotechweb.org – a community website for nanotechnology professionals published by The Institute of Physics, UK. Read the news clip.

Collaboration with the University of Glasgow


We have initiated collaborations with University of Glasgow. The main thrust of our collaboration is to utilize Bond graphs for modeling of nanopositioning stages, and their control. Contact person: Bharath Bhikkaji.

Collaboration with the University of Stuttgart


We have initiated collaborations with the University of Stuttgart . Our collaboration is focused on developing FEM models of piezoelectric tube actuators suitable for controller design purposes. Contact person: Andrew Fleming.

Collaboration with IBM Zurich Research Labs


We have initiated collaborations with IBM Zurich Research Labs. Our collaborations are mainly in the area of controller design for probe-based data storage systems. In particular, development of controllers for self-servo writing process. Contact person: Reza Moheimani.

Polytec MSA400


A Polytec MSA400 MEMS characterization system will be installed in the lab in February 2007. This equipment is purchased using the ARC LIEF grant “Nanopositioning Facility for Nanoscale Measurement and Manipulation”, and is the first one to be installed in Australia.

ARC Discovery Grant


Reza Moheimani and Rick Middleton win the largest ARC Discovery grant awarded to the University of Newcastle with funding to start from 2007. The Discovery grant, “Robust Control of Electrostatic Microactuators” brings $870,000 of funding to the lab over the next five years. It is aimed at developing advanced and robust controller design methodologies for handling instabilities in electrostatic microactuators used in MEMS.