Hamed Alemansour Defended Successfully

Congratulations to Hamed Alemansour who, in September, successfully defended his dissertation titled “Development of Probe-based Devices and Methods for Applications in Micro/Nano Characterization and Fabrication”. Hamed is now with Quantum Design, San Diego, CA.

Reza Moheimani is elected a Fellow of ASME

Reza Moheimani is elected a Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for “Outstanding Contributions to Control of High-Precision Mechatronic Systems.”

LDCN acquires a VT-STM

Our new Scienta Omicron VT-STM arrived today at our lab. It will be unpacked and up an running in comping weeks. This scanning tunneling microscope will support our research efforts in atomically precise fabrication of solid-state quantum devices.

LDCN receives two new research awards from Department of energy

Reza Moheimani and collaborators, John Randall and James Owen (Zyvex Labs), have won two Department of Energy (DOE) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) awards. These are: (i) The PhaseII-B project “High Speed Platform for Highly Parallel STM lithography and Hierarchical Assembly.” and (ii) The Phase II project “Atomically Precise Scanning Probe Based Analysis of Activated Dopants for 2D Micro Electronics”.

Nastaran Nikooienejad awarded the PhD degree

Congratulations to Dr. Nastaran Nikooienejad who successfully defended her doctoral thesis titled “CONTROL SYSTEM DESIGN FOR HIGH-SPEED ATOMIC FORCE MICROSCOPY”. Nastaran remains a member of the LDCN and is currently undertaking postdoctoral research.