Vikrant Singh

Research Associate

Vikrant completed his B.E. in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from the Institute of Technology and Management, India in 2014. Subsequently he finished both his MTech (Research) and PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2021. During his graduate research he extensively worked on precision actuation and measurement systems. He is currently a postdoctoral research assistant as the University of Texas at Dallas and is a member of the Laboratory for Dynamics and Control of Nanosystems. His current research interests include self-actuating and sensing scanning probe microscopes, precision positioners, and micro-robotics.

Journal Articles

K. S. Vikrant, G. S. Jayanth

Diamagnetically levitated nanopositioners with large-range and multiple degrees of freedom (Journal Article)

Nature Communications, 13 (1), pp. 1-11, 2022.

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K. S. Vikrant, K. Hithiksha, G. R. Jayanth

An Automated AFM Tip-Replacement System for In Situ Tip-Replacement (Journal Article)

IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 26 (2), pp. 798-806, 2021.

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K. S. Vikrant, G. R. Jayanth

An AFM tip replacement system compatible with all ambient media and operation modalities (Journal Article)

Ultramicroscopy, 196 , pp. 136-141, 2019.

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K. S. Vikrant, G. R. Jayanth

A diamagnetically levitated actuator capable of independent in-plane and out-of-plane positioning (Inproceeding)

5th International and 20th National Conference on Machines and Mechanisms, Jabalpur, India, 2021.